Art and Craft Fair - Saturday 13th June 2015

We had an amazing display of Art and Craft work on Saturday 13th June 2015. Doors were open 10am – 4pm for visitors to view works by over 20 exhibitors. The wide variety of crafts and art included tapestries, collages, knitted clothes and toys, quilts, hand crafted furniture, walking sticks, and acrylic and watercolour paintings.
Visitors were able to watch demonstrations of card making and pyrography and some made their own experimental paintings with wax candles and watercolours.   Hands-on experience with wood, delighted the children who made their own wooden swords using a drill, sandpaper and finishing oil.
The Visitors’ Book reflected the enjoyment and fun had by exhibitors and visitors alike:
“Very pleasant environment and so much talent. I really enjoyed myself.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the variety and quality of work by local people – excellent”
“I have had a brilliant time here and hope to come again (comments from a child)”
Creative expressions can be deeply personal and they begin to touch the deep things within us.  In our busy, and technological world, we need space to allow our spirits to breathe and sometimes art and craft can help in that. We are not only part of God’s creation, but also have his nature of creativity within us. We had great fun celebrating and encouraging the creativity within each other.

Here are some images from the event