Up, up and away!

We arrived for the last service of 2015 on the 27th December as usual. But on our seats were pieces of paper with string attached. On this piece of paper it said 'Father I Place Into Your Hands...' We were told that later in the service, there would be a prayer activity using these cards and that during the service, we had to think and write of things that we would like, at the end of this year, to let go to God. Things we have been through that have been tough, perhaps an illness/bereavement, things we are glad to see the back from the year, things we're not overly proud of that we have allowed to be apart of our life, or we have been apart of, that has caused us deep sadness. Or things we are looking to God to renew or do in our life, new opportunities ahead and decision to make, that may have a price. 

Later in the service, we were then given some helium baloons (and we only lost 5 of them inside the building!). We tied the tag onto the end of the baloon and took them outside to watch as our prayers went up to God. All of prayers always go up to God, but it can be a good thing, for us, to do something tangible and actually see are prayer baloons rise up to God.