Tea at the Ritz comes to Trafalgar Road

Trafalgar Road Baptist Church organised a ‘Tea at the Ritz’ style neighbourhood tea party on Sunday 12th June to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. Young people dressed in 1920s gear served cream tea to the guests at tables laid out with white cloths and vintage china. A total of 38 teapots, 164 china cups and saucers and 34 milk jugs were used for the occasion, and were all washed up carefully by hand at the end.
Invitations and the booklet “The Servant Queen and the King She Serves” had been personally delivered to homes, and neighbours were delighted to come and chat with each other over tea and cake and enjoy the occasion. Margaret Davies who organised the event said, “We wanted to welcome our neighbours and have fun together as well as celebrate the Queen’s birthday.” It was a great afternoon and finished with a children’s treasure hunt.
Brian White, minister of the church led the short service before the tea party. It focussed on the vows Her Majesty had made at the start of her reign and her life-long commitment to her country and her God. Thanks were given to God by praying and singing and finished with the Ready Assembled puppets playing God Save the Queen on lead guitar which sounded remarkably like Brian May!

West Sussex County Times also put an article on their Community Pages regarding the event, which you can view here!

A big thank you to...

  • the youngsters who served the tea brilliantly
  • the makers of the yummy cakes and scones
  • those who dived into their cupboards and attics to dig out the bone china, fancy tea pots, plates, cups and saucers and staggered to church with them
  • Steve and David for providing the authentic sound of the 1920s with live music.
  • the unsung heroes who delivered invitations, worked in the kitchen, balanced on ladders, sewed, cut, painted, cooked, washed up, gave transport, lead singing, read prayers, worked the video
  • .... and to Margaret Davies and Kay Chesters who made the whole thing happen. 

Some photos of the day...
 Set up:

Welcome to Tea at the Ritz:
The service:  

Wonderful decorations around the church:

Everyone enjoying themselves:

The amazing people who helped serve in many ways: